Close-Out Instructions

A NIAGADS DSS project is active for one year from the date of project approval. If the project will not be renewed after one year, the Principal Investigator must formally close it out.

Project close-out procedure:

Please fill out this template and email the signed copy to
Information that you will need to provide includes your research progress, reason for closing the project, and any presentations or publications that have resulted from the use of the requested data. NIAGADS will manually close out your project in the system once we have received your close-out document.

Terms of project close-out:

As part of the close-out process, any versions of the data stored at the Institution and/or Cloud Service Provider must be destroyed and destruction confirmed by the Signing Official. PIs also agree that if they change institutions during the access period they will complete the DAR close-out process before moving to their new institution.
As outlined in the Data Use Certification, failure to submit a renewal or to complete the close-out process, including confirmation of data destruction by the Institutional Signing Official, may result in termination of all current data access and/or suspension of the PI and all associated personnel and collaborators from submitting new DARs for a period to be determined by NIH.