Renewal Instructions

This page contains information about the process and documentation necessary to renew a Data Access Request (DAR). For step-by-step user instructions on navigating the Data Access Request Management (DARM) system for renewal applications, please visit

Principal investigators (PIs) seeking renewal for access to NIAGADS DSS datasets should review the following information.

By agreeing to the Data Use Certification Document, it is understood that the Principal Investigator and the Institution will abide by the policies and standards set forth in that document.

Principal Investigators do not need to submit a new Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) for renewal applications. However, PIs should ensure that the list of individuals on their current DTA accessing the data remains accurate. If a new lab member needs to access the data, please submit a DTA amendment.   

Renewal Specific Questions

Research Summary:  Describe major findings as a result of using data obtained from NIAGADS over the past year. Describe any secondary data resulting from use of NIAGADS data. These data must be returned back to NIAGADS in accord with the NIH Genomics Sharing Policy, the NIAGADS Data Distribution Agreement and the NIH Genomic Sharing Policy NIA AD Genomics Sharing Plan.

Publications:  List publications resulting from analysis of data obtained from NIAGADS over the past year.  Please include manuscripts accepted for publication or in press. List any accepted publications including the PubMed Central Identification Number (PMCID).  

Scientific Presentations: List scientific presentations resulting from use of data obtained from NIAGADS.

Data Security: Describe any issues that have occurred with data security.

Renewal Specific Supplemental Documents

Please note that when you initiate your renewal, the following documentation will be auto-filled from your initial application. If any of them need to be updated, delete the old version and upload a new version.

  • Updated IRB Approval in compliance with the NIH Genomics Data Sharing Policy (GDS). The Investigator must submit a current IRB approval letter for the proposed renewal that will use NIAGADS data.
  • National Institute of Aging (NIA) Genomic Data Sharing Plan. This document must be signed by the Investigator and his/her Institutional Signing Official: see NIA AD Genomics Sharing Plan.
  • The NIAGADS Data Distribution Agreement.  This document must be signed by the Investigator and his/her Institutional Signing Official: see NIAGADS-DDA (PDF).

Accessing Additional Datasets After Initial Approval

Investigators who would like to apply for additional dataset(s) for use in an existing approved project should (1) revise the existing approved project request to include the new datasets and (2) update the Research Use Statement as appropriate. Revisions can be made by clicking on your approved DAR on your dashboard and selecting “Renew/Revise DAR” on the left toolbar.