Closing Out an Application

To initiate a project close out, log into the DSS and click on “Access DARM”. Navigate to the “Approved” tab on your dashboard. [NOTE: if your application has expired, it can be found on the “Expired” tab.]

Select the application and click on “Close Out DAR” on the left toolbar. A pop-up will appear confirming that you would like to close out your project.

After clicking “Yes”, you will be brought to a page to enter your close-out information. First, enter your Signing Official’s email address and eRA Commons ID at the top of the page.

Enter your project close-out information into the following text boxes: research summary, publications, scientific presentations, and data security issues.

Enter any additional collaborators, both internal and external, who have utilized data associated with your project.

Enter the reason for your project close-out and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

A pop-up will appear confirming that your project close-out has been submitted and routed to your Signing Official for review.

Viewing and Checking Status of Project Close-Out

You can check the status of your project close out by navigating to the “Closing” tab on your dashboard and selecting the application you wish to view. Here, you can download the application or recall the request as long as your Signing Official has not yet certified it.

After the whole process is completed, your application will move to “Closed” on the dashboard.