External Collaborator Instructions

Adding External Collaborators:

External Collaborators – Investigators can share data with collaborators outside of the PI’s institution. An external collaborator is a collaborator of the PI on this DAR who is not employed at the PI’s institution. The collaborators must submit parallel project requests with (1) the same project title and (2) the same Research Use Statement and Cloud Use Statement, if applicable, that references the collaboration (for smaller collaborations, the name and institution of the collaborating PI(s) or for larger efforts, the consortium name). Data exchange between all collaborators must be consistent with the NIH Security Best Practices for Controlled-Access Data Subject to the Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy and GDS Policy

NOTE: Only PIs that will have their own DARs count as external collaborators. Any other faculty/staff/students are covered under the collaborating PI’s DAR and do not need to be added individually.

Adding an External Collaborator Before You Submit

During the initial submission of a data request, you will be prompted to add any external collaborators to your DAR. There are three ways to do this:

Manual Entry. You can add an external collaborator by entering their contact information manually. Multiple Collaborators can be added by entering their contact information individually.

Existing User Lookup. You can also look up existing Investigators in Data Access Request Management (DARM). If they have an active Profile, then you can start typing their name in the “Collaborator lookup” box and their name should appear in a drop-down list. This only works if the investigator has an active DSS profile.

CSV Upload. The last way to add External Collaborators is by uploading a CSV file with the external collaborators’ information. This is especially helpful if you’re adding multiple collaborators at once. To do so, just click the “Upload Collaborators as CSV” button and upload your CSV file. A link to the CSV template is available next to the upload link.

Updating External Collaborators After Submission Approval

If your DAR is in the initial stages of its review (Verifying SO or SO Review), you can recall your application and edit the external collaborators as you would when initially submitting. It is also possible to edit your external collaborators when you are submitting a renewal request for a previously approved application.

If your application has already been approved or is too far along in the review process to recall, please email NIAGADS@pennmedicine.upenn.edu for help editing your external collaborators associated with your request. To expedite the process please include the first and last name, email, and associated organization of your external collaborator in your initial email.