Renewing an Application

Applications will expire one year after their approval date. Once your application expires, you will not have access to the Portal. You can choose “Renew/Revise DAR” on the left toolbar to renew your application before it expires.

To initiate a renewal application, log into the DSS and click on “Access DARM”. Navigate to the “Approved” tab on your dashboard. [NOTE: if your application has expired, it can be found on the “Expired” tab].

Select the application you wish to renew and click on “Renew/Revise DAR” in the left toolbar. A pop-up will appear confirming that a renewal application has been initiated. Click OK.

You will then be brought to the Data Access Request Management (DARM) form to submit your renewal. If you want to request access to additional datasets, you can do that at the top of the form.

The form will be auto-filled with your information from your initial application. If any information has changed, you can update it at this time. Fill out the renewal-specific information: Research Summary, Publications, Scientific Presentations, and Data Security.

The PDF attachments that were submitted with your initial application will also auto-fill. Please ensure that if your IRB approval has expired since your initial application was submitted that you submit an updated version of your IRB letter. The other documents do not need to be updated.

Once your renewal information is entered and any necessary changes to the original application are made, you can submit the renewal by agreeing to the Data Use Certification and clicking “Submit” at the bottom of the page.