The Colorado Adoption/Twin Study of Lifespan behavioral development & cognitive aging (CATSLife) aims are to: conduct a genetically sensitive study of individual differences in behavioral and cognitive change at the cusp of middle adulthood, in participants from the Colorado Adoption Project (CAP) and Longitudinal Twin Study (LTS) studied almost yearly from birth to early adulthood; map individual differences in growth and maintenance of cognitive abilities; evaluate and trace measured physical factors and health behaviors, biochemical markers and measured genetic pathways important to sustaining cognitive performance; and track measured environmental factors that might decrease, sustain or boost cognitive performance. (R01 AG046938 co-PI’s: Reynolds (contact), Wadsworth)

This data release includes data from 1,245 respondents who provided consent to share data and were included in a study of APOE isoforms and IQ data with up to three assessments across childhood and adolescence. [PMCID: PMC6800620]