The Cuban American Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (CuAADI) is a convenience sample ascertained through community outreach to Alzheimer’s and adult day care centers in Southern Florida, lay conferences, and Neurology and Memory Disorders clinics. Eligibility was based on self-reported Cuban heritage. The participants were recruited in South Florida which is home to the largest number of Cubans in the US. Most of our participants have been living in South Florida since they moved from Cuba in the last 20 to 45 years. 

Participants were ascertained and evaluated through community centers, referrals from University of Miami memory clinics and adult day care centers. Some participants were evaluated in their homes. All participants greater than 60 years of age underwent a standard clinical evaluation consisting of a medical and family history interview, neuropsychological testing, behavioral and emotional assessments, and functional measures. Venous blood samples (or saliva samples when needed) were collected on all participants. All assessments were conducted in the preferred language of the participant or knowledgeable informant.