The Puerto Rican 10/66 Study (PR1066) (, is an Alzheimer’s Disease International study of dementia in Puerto Rico that began in 2007 (Dr. Ivonne Jimenez-Velazquez, PI). Individuals were recruited as part of the the 10/66 Population Based Study of Dementia using standard protocols. As part of this study, sociodemographic information and detailed clinical history of memory decline were collected. In addition, the Clinical Dementia Rating scale (CDR), and Community Screening Interview for Dementia, and Petersen ADL criteria were collected for all individuals. Neurocognitive testing (CERAD battery) was available for some participants. Participants were adjudicated for dementia. Lastly, the total number of samples that were whole genome sequenced is 1,565 with the breakdown of 140 Cases; 1,245 Controls and 180 MCI’s. 

Prince M, Ferri CP, Acosta D, et al. The protocols for the 10/66 dementia research group population- based research programme. BMC Public Health. 2007;7(1):165.