The UM/VU dataset contains 1,186 cases and 1,135 CNEs (new and previously published) ascertained at the University of Miami and Vanderbilt University, including 409 autopsy-confirmed cases and 136 controls. An additional 16 cases were included and 34 controls excluded from the data analyzed in the prior study. Each affected individual met NINCDS-ADRDA criteria for probably or definite AD with age at onset greater than 60 years as determined from specific probe questions within the clinical history provided by a reliable family informant or from documentation of significant cognitive impairment in the medical record. Cognitively healthy controls were unrelated individuals from the same catchment areas and frequency matched by age and gender, and had a documented MMSE or 3MS score in the normal range. Cases and controls had similar demographics: both had ages-at-onset/ages-at-exam of 74 (± 8 standard deviations), and cases were 63% female, and controls were 61% female.