MiGASTi is an atlas of human microglia gene expression following cell culture and exposure to a range of inflammatory stimulations.

Post-mortem brain samples were obtained from the Netherlands Brain Bank (NBB). The permission to collect human brain material was obtained from the Ethical Committee of the VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Informed consent for autopsy, the use of brain tissue and accompanied clinical information for research purposes was obtained per donor ante-mortem. Neuropathological assessments have been performed by the NBB. Detailed information per donor, including tissue type, age, sex, postmortem interval, pH of cerebrospinal fluid, cause of death, diagnosis, use of medication and neuropathological information is provided.

Total number of samples: 934

Female 458 49.0 %
Male 476 51.0 %

Total number of samples: 954


Total number of samples: 1,066

Not Applicable/Not Available

Total number of samples: 1,066

Neurological and Psychiatric Brain Disorders

Total number of samples: 870

  • 2398 (11.3%)
  • 2422 (2.5%)
  • 33328 (37.7%)
  • 34120 (13.8%)
  • 4412 (1.4%)
  • NA278 (32.0%)
  • 12 (1.4%)