Sample SetAccession Number
ADGC ADC Round 8 snd10065
Health and Retirement Study (HRS) DNA Methylation snd10055
Dementia in Parkinson’s Disease (PDD) snd10049
ADGC ADC Round 9 snd10066
Genomic atlas of the proteome from brain, CSF and plasma prioritizes proteins implicated in neurological disorders snd10048
UAB ADRC snd10046
National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS) GWAS snd10042
AMP-AD WGS – SV Calls snd10041
HRS – APOE and Serotonin Transporter Alleles snd10040
NCRAD Families WES snd10039
Knight ADRC & WU350 snd10038
ADGC ADC Round 2 snd10059
CATSLife APOE snd10078
Camouflaged Variants snd10074
ADGC ADC Round 7 snd10064
ADGC ADC Round 6 snd10063
ADGC ADC Round 5 snd10062
ADGC ADC Round 4 snd10061
ADGC ADC Round 3 snd10060
NCRAD Families GWAS GSA snd10037
ADGC ADC Round 1 snd10058
ADGC ADC Round 15 snd10072
ADGC ADC Round 14 snd10071
ADGC ADC Round 11 snd10068
ADGC ADC Round 10 snd10067
ADGC ADC Round 13 snd10070
ADGC ADC Round 12 snd10069
PSP-UCLA WGS snd10017
ADSP Discovery snd10000
AMP-AD WGS snd10011
NACC Genentech WGS snd10013
Cache County WGS snd10014
PSP NIH-CurePSP-Tau WGS snd10015
PSP CurePSP-Tau WGS snd10016
FASe_Families WGS snd10018
KnightADRC WGS snd10019
ADSP FUS1 WGS snd10020
UPITT Kamboh 1 WGS snd10012
Microglia expression profiles in AD snd10021
MiGA – Microglia Genomic Atlas snd10022
ADSP-FUS2 WGS snd10031
KnightADRC GWAS snd10036
LASI-DAD WGS snd10033
EOAD1 WGS snd10032
Alzheimer’s disease single-neuron whole-genome sequencing – Miller 2022 snd10029
Harari Methylation snd10025
Harari Metabolomics snd10024
90+ GWAS GSA snd10026
HRS – All Phases snd10027
HRS – Phase4 snd10028
ADSP Extension snd10001
ADNI-WGS-1 snd10002
ADGC AA WES snd10003
FASe Families WES snd10004
Brkanac Families WES snd10005
Miami Families WES snd10006
WHICAP WES snd10007
KnightADRC WES snd10008
CBD WES snd10009
PSP WES snd10010