The Amyloid Neuroimaging and Genetics Initiative (ANGI) is an add-on study for people who had participated in the IDEAS (Imaging Dementia—Evidence For Amyloid Scanning) Study. The IDEAS-Study is nationwide research study for people who have memory loss to investigate amyloid PET scan. The goal of the ANGI study is to pair the clinical information and brain imaging data collected in the IDEAS-Study, or other related studies, with DNA obtained from a saliva sample. In addition to IDEAS study data, participants enrolled in ANGI provided demographic information. The ANGI DNA samples are banking at NCRAD and can be requested for additional research studies.

Tatiana Foroud, Ph.D.
Indiana University School of Medicine

Andrew Saykin, Ph.D.
Indiana University School of Medicine

Alzheimer’s Association Grant: ANGI/IDEAS-17-497186 and U24AG021886

Acknowledgment statement for any data distributed by NIAGADS:

Data for this study were prepared, archived, and distributed by the National Institute on Aging Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site (NIAGADS) at the University of Pennsylvania (U24-AG041689), funded by the National Institute on Aging.

For investigators using Amyloid Neuroimaging and Genetics Initiative (ANGI) data:

The ANGI study is supported by the Alzheimer’s Association Grant ANGI/IDEAS-17-497186. We thank the Alzheimer’s Association for their support and the ANGI study participants for their contribution to the study. We would also like to acknowledge the Imaging Dementia – Evidence for Amyloid Scanning Study (iDEAS) from whom amyloid imaging and other clinical data were obtained.

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