The NCRAD Family Study began in 1990 and continues to actively recruit and follow subjects. Families with two or more living, biologically related, members with early or late onset AD and related dementias are enrolled. Samples are obtained from affected family members and unaffected relatives (typically over age 60). Neuropathology has been completed in over 700 NCRAD Family Study participants and brain tissue is available for over 250 of those individuals.

Tatiana M. Foroud, PhD
Indiana University School of Medicine


Acknowledgment statement for any data distributed by NIAGADS:

Data for this study were prepared, archived, and distributed by the National Institute on Aging Alzheimer’s Disease Data Storage Site (NIAGADS) at the University of Pennsylvania (U24-AG041689), funded by the National Institute on Aging.

For investigators using NCRAD Family Study data:

Samples from the National Centralized Repository for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (NCRAD), which receives government support under a cooperative agreement grant (U24AG021886) awarded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), were used in this study. We thank the participants and their families, whose help and participation made this work possible. Quality control procedures and data preparation on the GWAS was conducted by the Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Consortium (ADGC) (UO1AG032984) and the NIA Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease Storage Site (NIAGADS) (U24-AG041689), both funded by NIA.